Unanticipated Blessings

I'm a firm believer that we cannot control our whole life and that things are orchestrated with a reason that we may or may not find out later. This is just a short reflection on how some things (that maybe didn't seem right at the time) have unanticipated blessings that we realize later.

My first job was fine for my first job. I had great friends who helped me learn and was forced to do things I didn't know I could. If another worker hadn't quit the day I accepted the job, I wouldn't have been involved in the pediatrics part of the clinic at all. I had absolutely NO intention of ever venturing out of my acute care box when I took that job, but felt compelled to due to staffing shortages. If I would not have done that, there would have been many kids who didn't get any OT, but I also would not have known that I actually liked working with kids. While I still preferred working on the adult side of the fence, it definitely planted a seed within me regarding the future.

We spent 2 years in Baltimore with massively long commutes so that I could work at a big place. I think that my husband was afraid that if we didn't try this out early in our lives, I would have a mid-life freak out and demand that we move to Chicago or Atlanta so that I could work somewhere demanding. Some days, when I was up til 10 doing notes for that day, it was hard to see the blessings. But they were there. I made some great friends. We had so many things close at our fingertips- great dining, great entertainment, easy access to DC/NY- and we took full advantage of that. One year, we went to 10 concerts, and there was a period when we went to a Broadway show (NY or traveling cast) once a month. Pretty freaking awesome. But the unanticipated blessing may have been finding out that though I identify a lot with my job (and have a blog about it, no less) I don't want it to be ALL I do. I needed more balance, and had to get off balance to realize it.

I usually get the flyer for the AOTA conference and if I am going, start planning the moment it arrives. I have schedules blocked off in 15 minute increments with first, second, and third choices for courses. I pack snacks and never leave the convention center. It becomes an over-planned activity and thus there are many ways for things to go wrong, and I always wind up exhausted. This is my first year presenting, and in being wrapped up with my presentation groups, I have not given any thought to the rest of the conference. I know that I have a flight and a hotel, otherwise, I haven't looked into it. Part of this is that I know I can easily meet the hours I need to renew my license. (by my purely unofficial estimate based off previous years, you can get 24 hours if you bust it, but get 16 without too much effort) And though it seems counter-intuitive, the lack of planning has made me less stressed. I'm not worried about the little things, because the big things seem more appropriate to worry about. And since a large part of the big things is dependent on others, I'm trusting that they'll take care of what needs to happen, so I'm trying not to worry about that either. Taking on extra work and responsibility has brought me less worry time! that is a good unexpected blessing.

Can you think of a blessing that you never saw coming based on the events? Feel free to share.

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