About Me

About the Blog
I started this blog in 2008 as a way to share my notes from school and experiences as an occupational therapist with others. Since then, the blog has helped me connect with many members of the OT world from around the globe, many famous and soon to be famous practitioners. This blog has been recognized by several other bloggers and been referenced in OT Practice (3/2011; 11/2008). As of 2009, you can now follow me on Twitter, and select posts are exported to OT Connections
Unless specifically noted in the post, I have no financial relationship with any product or company referenced herein. I am not seeking advertisers or employment. These posts represent MY opinions and not of anyone else, including my employer, university, states of my residence or associations of my membership. COMMENT POLICY: No spam, no trolls, no personal email addresses

My Professional Life
I graduated with my Master's degree in occupational therapy in 2007. I have dabbled in several areas of practice through employment and internships- school system, acute care, skilled nursing, acute rehab, home modifications and with outpatient pediatrics. I am a member of AOTA and 2 state associations, and hold a leadership role within MOTA. I have gone to multiple AOTA conferences and am a passionate supporter of membership and professional activism. I presented for the first time at AOTA in 2012 and loved it! My capstone research project is being published in 2010. I have OT interests that range the entire lifespan including: pediatrics (including NICU and early intervention), stroke rehab, spinal cord injury rehab, home modification, advocacy, developing AE, and figuring out where to go with my career. Issues tangential to OT that are important to me include Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, Autism Awareness, and equality for all people.

My Personal Life
  I am married and in my 20's. I finally settled down in many parts of my life, except for my job. I often spread myself thin while trying to accomplish many things. I read a lot, worry a lot, and laugh a lot. Non-OT interests include: college football, growing African violets, classic rock, Girl Scouting, traveling, Fraggle Rock and of course spending time with my husband, family, and friends.