Introducing- The OT Month Challenge!

I am so excited to announce my special April feature- The OT Month Challenge!! click through to read more!

After 5 years, I feel like I am usually a good OT. There are moments where I am a great OT. And I dream of someday being a superb OT. Don't we all want to be a bit better? Better students, better practitioners? I hope so.

In pursuit of better-ness, I decided to set out this month-long challenge. Every day will have a post and a concrete way to make a change in your OT life. Almost everything will be a small but meaningful task you can easily undertake in a quest for improvement, with a couple of larger items thrown in.

April is a very busy, sometimes stressful month. I don't want anyone to stress about the tasks or completing them on a set date (including me!). But if you want to write about your experience with a specific challenge in the comments section and spread the OT-awesomeness, then you can participate in a giveaway!

I will take the post date (1-30) combined with the comment number (01-99 haha) to create new numbers. From those numbers, random winner(s) will be drawn for awesome OT related prize(s)! I will mail objects to North America (& APO) addresses, and mail standard envelopes to other countries (in exchange for a postcard to add to my collection). So please comment and please have that comment linked to an actual email or website so I can get hold of you. And remember that the comment policy absolutely forbids advertisements (especially to fake universities) or spam- so don't do that.

So I hope that you enjoy the challenges as much as I have, and grow in OT with me this month. Here we go!

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Abby said...

What a great idea! I look forward to following and participating in your OT month challenge!