It's a Christmas Miracle!

So at rounds today, I was rushing in late and trying to get my computer set up to look things up. They had already started on the first patient (not one of mine) and wanted to know if OT and PT agreed on discharge plans. I asked for a minute to get everything settled, and in that time, the resident looked up the notes and had the answers. I was shocked! I said, "wow, I didn't think you guys ever read our notes!" and got rousing responses from around the table (resident, PA, social work and case management) who stated that they DO read them (even if it's just the summary paragraph at the bottom). It was like a present with a big red bow.



Life's been pretty busy lately...
I've been working on notes at home almost every night, and have also started trying to track my work day in 15 minute increments so that I can become more efficient.

Enjoyed Harry Potter. Holidays are coming up, as are the family travels over hither and yon. We are planning a trip to New York soon, I have never been there so I am really excited.

Recently got a Nook and have been pretty excited trying to put journal articles (and tons of novels) on it. OT Practice does download as a pdf file but it doesn't come out quite right... will have to play around with it.

I have officially added 1 OT activity to my life... a special welcome to any MOTA members.

I definitely have plans to write more soon, but I'm trying to get upbeat... it's been a very difficult rotation, we've lost a lot of patients on caseload, I feel like I should be a representative for the hospice service. I will have an entry on hospice coming up, and do have others planned/half-started as well.