April Challenge: Place OT lit in a public place

This is a pretty easy, yet effective method of outreach to spread the word about OT.
Chances are, you may have a waiting room at your place of employment. People are looking for something to read besides that copy of Newsweek from 1996. Why not take in some old copies of OT Practice that show some awesome examples of OT in action? This trick can also work at the doctor's office or multidisciplinary lunchroom- provide the reading material and expose the public to OT one little step at a time.

AOTA provides the consumer tip sheets and role of OT fact sheets for free to members- this can help you tailor your efforts appropriately.

If you're feeling a bit more ambitious, I will share the project a PT at my first job had started. She had taken a binder and put some labels regarding gross motor development, fine motor development, speech and oral motor... you get the picture. Then we would place interesting articles in the various sections, to give the parents of our pediatric clients something relevant to read during sessions they weren't observing.

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Abby said...

I like the idea of making a binder for parents to look through! That will definitely take some time to put together! Old OT Practice magazines is a good place to start.