Photo Phriday- more questions than answers

OK, so the stress of the challenge is getting to me a little bit. Just a little of that, combined with the fun and yet stressful NBCOT trip, and the upcoming AOTA presentations, doing my job, and trying to ensure an employment future. Yep, just a little stressful. So here's some of the cooler tangentially OT related pictures I've taken lately.

I'm going to start with a shout out and an unpaid product endorsement. When I first saw the RediSpace paper, I wasn't floored by it. But since trying it out with several kids with spacing issues, I have seen a lot of improvement. It doesn't work for everyone (what does?) but the teachers love it and it's very affordable compared to other specialty papers.

I see people talking about doing finger knitting or all out knitting as a fine motor exercise and I have tried these things for pre-shoe tying. On the left is an overhand knot around a pencil, the way that you make friendship bracelets. On the right is a series of loops pulled through one another. I have yet to find the kid who can do this, though I know I spent much of my childhood doing both.

Why do OTs have to take advanced maths and physics? So you can decipher the manuals for your tests. This is from the Adult version of the DTVP. It's been a long time since I used the word "bisect."

I hate this alignment error. What's worse, this is located at a place where you are often waiting a long time to turn, so then you stare at it extra long.

What are these things? we have a whole barrel full of each red and blue.
Someone suggested that they are meant as pencil grips. Others said it was just for developing pincer grasp. They look just ridiculous enough for me to enjoy. Until I figure out exactly what they are for, I know how I can use them-- iPad gloves! I saw someone had made them on pinterest, and here is an item with premade holes- it will work and save time.

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