April Challenge: Thank You Note to an OT in Your Life

OK, clearly I couldn't keep the challenge going for the full month. But this was one of the best ideas not yet written, and so I definitely want to include it.

We have a lot to be thankful for in life, and OT life is no different. Who first inspired you to be an OT? What teacher guided you from student to practitioner? Which coworker challenged you to become a better therapist? Many of us can think of a few people who have filled those roles for us.

You may also be a person who has been on the consumer side of occupational therapy. Did a practitioner assist you, a child, a parent or a friend in living life to the fullest? I think these are such strong stories, but sometimes the therapists don't even know that they are a part of them.

I would love for us to end our April Challenge by sending at least one thank you note to an OT in our lives. I know I am working on a note for a teacher who has been very supportive since graduation, and may need to make some others as well. Sometimes we can feel under-appreciated or as if we aren't making an impact... why not brighten someone's day by sending some OT thanks.

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Flying free said...

This was a great idea! You are so right, our lives are Rich with blessings!