April Challenge: Write a unique goal

In the spirit of change as we started yesterday, today is a time to do something new within your evaluation. It's time to write a new, unique goal.

Obviously, it's best practice to be developing goals with your client. But between the daily time crunch, client indecision/deferment, and a similarity between clients, sometimes the basic goals can start to look alike. I know that my hospital orthopedic patients frequently had goals for lower body dressing, adaptive equipment use, toilet transfer, tub/shower transfer, and simple meal prep. With my higher level individuals I would try to include additional items such as simulated pet care to try to make their care plan more personal.

But I don't really remember those goals with pride. I remember with pride the time that I worked with a young woman with cerebral palsy who had just had a c-section and was having significant problems caring for herself and her child. That was a day I used my clinical reasoning and worked to make someone's life definitively better.

So take today and write a unique goal for a client, to make it something personally valuable and relevant. If you do this every day, kudos! If you take this challenge, share a unique goal in the comments below.

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