April Challenge: Record a favorite moment as an OT

Today is a day for reflection in general, but if you have a moment to spare for OT, do it in this manner.

Today's challenge is not much of a challenge for most bloggers, since they are probably doing this anyway. And the intent of this is not to make everyone start a blog or in-depth diary of their practice. But everyone has down days where they wonder why they do the things they do... and that is why you should take time to record an "up" moment to remind yourself.

I'm very thankful of some of the things I wrote down in my blog in years past (back in the days where I posted about twice as much, ha!) since it's so easy in the day-in day-out world to forget the awesome moments that have transpired. It's also why I try to save notes and cards and drawings when I get them.

Off the top of my head, it's hard to recall all the best times. I remember a family who was very grateful for a detailed discussion of torticollis after their child's birth. I remember that people were often thrilled to have adaptive equipment following a surgery. I remember having a man with a serious brain injury navigate the cafeteria despite the bedlam. And recently it was really nice learning to make a ribbon bow with a child who was ecstatic over his sister's birth, and wanted to make her a present.

Diary by sheikh_tuhin -

We should celebrate our favorite moments and strive to create more. Please share one of your favorite times in the comments below.

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