I know I haven't been posting a lot... it's been a super stressful time at work, with the surgical rotation and covering outpatients. The stress has definitely been getting to me in my interactions with others and I dislike that a lot. I do have some nice things to reflect on... including the AOTA conference which I still haven't really got to fully process. But I am taking a MUCH NEEDED vacay and will be away from the computer as well. I am taking a couple of OT things- a big NICU course book and all my conference stuff- but my goal is rest and relaxation, so my predominant packing is puzzle books and novels. I also joined a softball league since my last posting, and it feels really good to get some balance back in my life.

PS- could I get a comment or 2 that ISN'T a spam written in Chinese? I'm moderating them out but it's been a little depressing that they're the only comments popping up in the email.


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A very quick note...
I have been bothered lately by the number of times that I get asked the really tough questions, which can really bog and depress you in acute care. I have also had some of these moments with my outpatients, when I spot a cognitive deficit that is going to cause difficulty for the kids as they progress through school (e.g.- 1st grader unable to phonetically read 3 letter words; 3rd grader unable to add and subtract). I was mentioning one of these misgivings to a parent, asking about possible summer schooling and mom mentioned that "B" would be attending art camp this summer. She said she would still do some worksheets at home, but wasn't going to let him be burned out and unhappy when he had other interests. Obviously, everyone parents and advises differently, but I was definitely happy to say, "One of the great things about 'B' is his imagination and creativity. I bet he'll really enjoy that." In this fast paced, high scheduled, high achievement world, enjoyment of childhood should count too.



Holy cow... it's been almost a month since conference. Where has the time gone?
I would say that I want to go back... but the time since the conference has been pretty rough as evidenced by the scarce/nonexistent updates. And at such a terrible time, after handing out those nice business cards haha. So, some brief updates.

- I took no time off after the conference, and that was not smart. Next year, I take a day to recuperate and absorb info. I still need to print out handouts- both for sessions that I attended and others that looked interesting- and then compile my notes.

- I went to some great sessions and met more "famous" OTs than ever before. I think that the quality of presentations was very high this year.

- I hope to get a submission in so that I might present next year
in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 14–17. I've had a gigundously large and cruddy list of things to do lately, and it's been pushed aside, but I really must do it.

- Speaking of cruddy things to do, I have been documenting at home almost every night, including tonight. I continually wonder how people meet productivity standards and get documentation done.

- April and May definitely kicked off my season of concerts and travel. I have had 1 weekend at home since conference and will not have another uncluttered weekend until July. Obviously I am mixing in some fun times, but it's wearing me out.

- had my first pt. with what I consider a contemporary popular name. I have been mildly wondering what it will be like when nursing facilities have hoardes of Jennys, Kelseys, Chelseas, Kaitlins, Stephanies, Kimberlys and Lindsays... not to mention when the following phase of names ages, leaving us with Tylers, Taylors, Collins', Houstons, Austins and the like as patients.

- I got a really nice bag at conference... messenger bag in a pretty blue with lots of cool features. Got it on the last day of conference. Went to pack it in the taxi to the airport the next day and a clip snapped off. Packed it to work the following day and the snaps holding the strap broke. I was so mad at the people, I said to myself, "I'll show you, I'll go back to my crappy tote bag from before." I noticed later that day that the tote bag, which I had gotten at previous AOTA conference, was from the same darned nursing home. And the zipper is trying to break. Darn you unnamed NURSING HOME!

- Posted on the Acute CareOT Forum about ICU evals. Hope to see that forum stay active. I have been tardy in adding friends I made at conference to my OTC list, but it is very hard to search for people. Feel free to add me.

- Less than a month left of doing outpatient pediatric work. As it was before, part-time peds work is difficult. Been reading up on Developmental Coordination Disorder, want to take our unit blocks (small, interlocking squares) and make lego-like designs with picture instructions to use as a clinic tool.

So, times have been busy and will only continue to get busier. The blogging break was good, if unplanned and ill-timed. I will try to be a little more active before my real vacation comes. Things I intend to do before then (OT related):
-write proposal for AOTA conference
-post more videos from conference
-post all 80-some photos from conference
-write a post on energy conservation for summer travel

Until then... here's hoping there's not too many more late nights documenting from home!