April Challenge: Sign up for OT Connections

Are you down with OTC? (yeah you know me!) If you haven't signed up for OT Connections, here's why you should.

There are so few places that are really OT-places. If you want those places to be fruitful and useful, it does take some investment. Not lots of time, but a little.

AOTA rolled out OT Connections (or OTC from here on out, b/c abbrevs r my frnd) a couple years ago. This site combines the old listservs into forums, allowed for the flexibility to form groups, and incorporated a social networking feature with blogs, uploaded files, and friends. Best part- it's free! Anyone can access the basic forums, AOTA members have access to SIS forums and extra forums such as the great RA debates.

There's great stuff on OTC, but it could be better with more involvement. And the first step is just committing to sign up. AOTA members don't even need to set up an account, their existing account information will be the login.

A few quick OTC tips:
-Receive updates to your forums by email (a'la listserv)
-Or you can sign up with an RSS reader and get updates that way (to any post or forum)
-Bookmark the Active Topics to quickly see what people are talking about all over
-Be relevant with your posts. If your post doesn't match the board topic at all, you won't get a lot of responses. If you have a question for a specific person, just message that person directly.

So try it out. I think a weekly check provides a lot of interesting topics to think about. Let me know what you think.

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