Neuro floor humor

Saw this was today's Crankshaft comic and couldn't help cracking a smile. If you come into a hospital with a headache, be prepared for neuro checks Q4!

Working on the neuro floor means that I have to suppress my natural propensity to be a worrywart- I start thinking about word finding problems, clumsiness/tripping, and hope that I'm not ignoring signs of a tumor or aneurysm! It's hard to listen to all my patients' stories of symptom onset w/o getting a little paranoid.

Just finished a biography of neurosurgeon Keith Black who has very compelling personal narrative and his life story is certainly an object lesson in encouraging the learning interests of your children. He described that his parents got him a dissection kit and chemistry set from a young age and encouraged curiosity in a number of ways- it's certainly a great story of parents helping a child achieve exceptional outcomes.

Thanks for being patient with the slow updates- had a very withdrawn week and have also finally resumed regular workouts (plus it's FOOTBALL SEASON), so time has been spread.