April Challenge: Reflect on a favorite occupation

As OTs know, an occupation is not your job, but anything you do to fill your time. Everyone’s daily life is made up of hundreds of occupations of varying importance to them. Today’s challenge task is to take a moment to reflect on an occupation that is one of your favorites.

Some people love cooking or driving or gardening. It doesn’t matter for the purposes of this exercise, any valued occupation will do. This is a time to reflect on what impact the occupation has on you. Feel free to answer some of the following guide questions:

-How long have you been engaged in this occupation?

-Was there ever a time when you stopped performing this occupation? Why did you return to it?

-What benefits (tangible and intangible) do you derive from this occupation?

-Does this occupation impact your life as an OT practitioner?

-How would your participation change if you were affected by a change in your physical or cognitive abilities?

By taking a moment to reflect on something personal and important to you, it is my hope that you will have a renewed respect for your clients this week as they work to recover former occupations or develop new ones. It is an arduous process (which is why there is no “Rehab” reality show) and it demands an empathetic and effective practitioner to facilitate.

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Veda Collmer said...

This is a very insightful post. Thank you! I wish there was a reality show about rehab. I believe the general public would have a greater appreciation for life if they had the opportunity to witness the sturggles of rehab. After spending time with my patients, I always reflect on how my life would change if I was in their shoes. I know I would hate the loss of control over my life. I am always amazed at the resilience of people. They just grit their teeth and plug away at getting better.