April Challenge: Educate through sweets

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." is it possible that you can also access a person's brain through tasty treats? Worth a try!

It is OT Month and we should be doing all we can to educate the public on occupational therapy. Of course, you have to do other things as well (like your job) so you can't just stand in a public place and shout the goodness of OT. But you can entrust this all day shouting to a universally beloved object- the bowl of candy!

Place some tasty treats in a breakroom and use these to attract the eager learners to OT literature which you have so nicely placed nearby. I think if you have those little clips that hold photos, they can stand up out of the dish holding examples. If you have a short relevant definition of OT on a business card, it becomes a memorable outreach to the group. You can even use this wallet guide (free!) from AOTA. All told, this should take 5 minutes to set up and can be a lasting centerpiece for the rest of the day.

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