April Challenge: give a satisfaction survey

Obviously, you want all your clients to have good outcomes (and not just good, but spectacular when possible!). That is easily measured during reassessments. But another factor is becoming increasingly more recognized in the medical world- client satisfaction.

Hospital reimbursement is starting to change in relation to how satisfied patients are with their care. Some workers are angry because "now I don't just have to do my job, I have to hold their hand the whole way" and some of the initiatives that hospitals go through can seem corny, over the top, or pointless. Generally, it seems like when therapists (OT, PT, SLP) go through these trainings, they aren't learning many new things because they were already asking the patients if there was anything they could do to make the day better.

In the hospital, we had our Press-Ganey survey ratings talked about everywhere. Some departments posted these results so that you would know how to improve, or how awesome you were doing. But if you work in a different environment, you may not have anyone else conducting a satisfaction survey for you. It's not difficult to create your own. You should want to know... even if your clients get the best outcomes in the world, if they're not satisfied with you or your clinic, they won't recommend your practice in the future. Or they'll say something like, "She's a good therapist, BUT (she's always running late/the clinic is a mess/it's really hard to schedule an appointment/ etc).

A quick google search will show you what some other therapists and clinics are using, I'm not going to publish them because I'm not sure how public they want them to be or what the copyrights are (and clearly I'm running late so there's no time to investigate). I thought that Tonya at Therapy Fun Zone had a pediatric satisfaction survey, but maybe it was Your Therapy Source... either way I can't seem to find it right now. If you have a survey you don't mind sharing, please link to it in the comments.

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