April Challenge: Wear OT Gear!

Yay! Let's start this OT Month Challenge off right!

It's Monday, there's only so much effort we can exert. But let's kick it off with a bang. Make sure everyone knows that it's OT Month by wearing some OT gear today. Everyone has a few (or a dozen) OT related t-shirts at the house... I know my mom loves to buy them for me :)

Polos are professional and cheap- you'd be surprised how inexpensive you can get a custom embroidered shirt at a local place. Also if you're looking for an understated touch, OT earrings can be found on ebay and etsy, and if you renewed with NBCOT you'd have a nice lapel pin also.

Buttons definitely attract attention- stick a few of these on your backpack or jacket to catch an eye or two.

What's your favorite "Proud of OT" outfit? the best slogan on a shirt? Show it off in the comments below.

Photo My outfit today, OT polo and earrings.

1 comment:

Abby said...

Can you believe I don't have any OT shirts? It's probably time for me to invest in one. I do carry my stuff around in an OT bag!