The return!

I am back from my whirlwind holiday trip around the state, visiting with friends and family from afar. Ate lots of delicious foods (hopefully did not upset my chances in the "Maintain, Don't Gain" holiday challenge at work), watched lots of college football (after a promising start, I am definitely out of the running), and generally just enjoyed the down time. Very little computer time, and that was good too.

You can never take a full vacation from OT though, so my little brain wheels were turning throughout the time. Lots of thoughts related to the family and using OT to help them, some of which I will share as I catch up on updates. Also been thinking a lot about my personal career path... directions that I want to take and changes that will have to be made.

My shoulder is trying to act like it's going to get that impingement pain again, hopefully it will not so that after the unpacking and cleaning I can continue to have some computer time. Hope to have updates soon, depending on amount of work to do at home and amount of total procrastination :)

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