Some new unexpected opportunities

Past few days have brought about some new unexpected opportunities (TITLE ALERT!).

Our current SNF floor crowd has several back breaking patients who are MAX-DEP A 1-2 for bed mobility (none of whom have actually made it into standing yet). Hopefully my body mechanics will go well... I have some proprioception impairments. We've also got a fresh batch of people who place a high priority on their naps, instead of rehab. Another challenge to productivity. :-/

My one coworker who has been the resident expert on FCEs and work hardening (much to his chagrin, as he is also the resident expert on hands. and lymphedema. and thus, rather busy) casually mentioned that he had a worksite evaluation to do as a courtesy for another hospital employee. I didn't even know that we did that! At any rate, I have had an interest in ergonomics and other work hardening things, and this is a cool easy way to dabble in it a little bit. I know that I can't do FCEs and the pediatric tx at the same time... I think it would put me into some terrible personality issues going from one extreme to the other like that.

Also, I have decided to add a new little feature in here. Energy conservation/work simplification is one of the relatively few things that I enjoy about the SNF environment, and I have a lot of good tips for multiple situations since I use so many myself. So look for up to a dozen pieces in the coming year on energy conservation in different situations.

And in the "I knew it was coming, but now? Already?!" category, my one coworker near my age (actually a couple years younger) announced that she is pregnant(!). And for the moment she says that she'll be sticking around through the delivery and afterward as well, so it will be interesting to work so closely with someone as they go through this life transformation. I've never really had that kind of close contact with someone for the day by day updates. My first fieldwork supervisor was 6-8 months pregnant during my time with her, and it did not slow her down in the least. It'll be interesting to see how this goes with my coworker, and to theorize how it could go in my future... far future, preferably!

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