Shower Remodel

So one of my first OT moments while at home was at my grandmother's house. She had a tub to shower conversion done about a month ago to replace the 19 y.o. metal stool she had been using as a tub chair. Sounds great, but there is more after the link...

this is what the new shower looks like-

and in theory, it is the 100% solution. However, my gram is 5'2" and only her toes can touch the floor while sitting on the built in bench. She knew this when the guy was installing, but he said it was as low as it could go and he couldn't do anything and there wasn't anyone there to make a suggestion. My thought was that during the install he could have rotated the seat 180*... this would have kept the piece aligned with the studs, and though we would have lost a small shelf, it would have lowered the seat. Where it is now prohibits the use of any other shower chair, especially because the rest of the floor is slanted for the drain. I really can't think of what to put down on the floor so that she can gain some more stability and not slip off the seat. We thought of those shallow crates they use for 2-liter bottles, which are about the correct width to fit in the shower base, however those things would hurt your feet!

So I'm calling out to the OT world, especially those who are in home mods- how would you fix a shower that's supposed to have already been fixed? I can't think of the solution- what do you think?


babagrlshell said...

This is the second comment I'm making on your blog today- I just found it while researching something for my Mock clinic patient.

Anyhow, I suggest one of those "fancy" wooden shower "mats"... They are aesthetically pleasing, but are quite functional and will give the extra inch or two your gram needs to put her feet down while in her seat.

http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&sku=14027505 (and you can always use a 20% off coupon there- even if it's expired!)


Cheryl said...

absolute genius! Thank you! Will have to go to bed bath on Sunday and investigate :)