Holiday Bouncing

Well, things are getting busy as it gets near to Christmas time... The acute care are trying to clear out their floors so our SNF floor will be filling up even as we try to discharge all that those that can. (word to the wise- don't get an elective joint replacement a week before any holiday that you don't want to spend in the hospital. even 2 weeks.) I won't be seeing any pediatrics in the next 2 weeks, due to this resulting business and my own vacation, but I did advise everyone to keep their kids' schedules as normal as possible during the holidays to prevent the meltdowns. I have some things to figure out... like whether to add cranberries to the dressing, what everyone's addresses are now for cards, how to get the most gifts from Jingle in Animal Crossing, and how to best coordinate a visit to 8 locations in 10 days and still have time for laundry. So as a result, I will schedule some updates if I find the time, but if not, oh well.

Until such a time, I leave you with a tip... if you don't want to scare away your coworkers who have a limited understanding of sensory processing, sit on a regular boring chair for your lunch party.

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