OT WebGems- Snow Driving Edition

I loved snow days as a kid (who doesn't?) but as someone who spent an extra hour today scraping the windshield before and after work plus the 'commute' I am not in such a friendly mood toward snow. (I do prefer it, however to the days where I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.) At any rate, snowy days always seem to make you realize how many people don't know how to drive in the snow. I was going to list my favorite tips, but why reinvent the wheel. After the jump are some good little tip sheets on snow driving, PLUS my addition of the #1 to #3 most needed tips.

Sorry, no cute writeups today. However, as promised, the tips that people really should remember:
#1- If you don't HAVE to drive, then don't. If you work outpatient, call and see if you have cancellations, or tell them you can't make it in initially. If you do home visits, such as early intervention or home health, cancel in bad weather. Even if it will be difficult for your coworkers, trust me, they'd rather have you late than dead.

#2- Learn to drive by practicing. It should be part of everyone's learn to drive experience to take the car into a snow covered parking lot and learning how to handle the car. Practice the tips in the following articles, figure out how it feels when the car skids so you don't panic.

#3- Drive on main roads. Surprisingly, this tip is not included in the other articles, and perhaps they were written in more urban areas. If you can avoid a backroad, even a lesser used road in town, by taking a more frequented (also hopefully flatter and wider) path, then you will likely have less difficulty.






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