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There's definitely an adjustment period to working in a hospital. Figuring out all the codes to the different supply rooms, learning the tricks to manhandling trays and hospital beds... it's those kinds of skills that come with practice. But until it becomes second nature, you still have a lot of things to check at the end of session. Here's some things that you should remember to check before leaving a pt after a treatment session to keep them safe and happy. Applicable to hospital and SNF rooms, a good checklist if you're new to the environment.

Ideally, you should just be reversing everything from your session so that the person is in the same condition as you found them, however, it's good to remember these things as there are often moments a person is without a crucial item.

  • Bed brakes locked, bed height lowered
  • Top 2 siderails up (some facilities have a policy against this, mine is all for it. If your individual had all four rails up, recreate that)
  • Bed/chair check applied (as applicable)
  • Tray table either parallel to bed or across pt's lap (helps keep everything within reach)
  • Call bell in reach (can tie to bedrail or clip to sheets)
  • Phone in reach, attached to bedrail
  • Urinal in reach (I try not to put these on the tray... germy)
  • Restraints applied (as applicable- generally if the person has UE restraints I only have one arm out at a time. Also remember those bedrail covers)
  • Abduction pillow and other braces applied (as needed)
  • Oxygen on person and turned on at wall (as applicable)
  • Empty BSC or bedpan if it was part of your tx
  • Any changes in status or other requests reported to nursing
That's about all I can think of now... it's actually easier when in the room instead of at a computer. If I forgot something major, just add it in the comments.

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