Respect for OT from... an MD!!

I was working with one of the ladies on orthopedics, introducing her to the AE for lower body dressing. She was struggling, as she has some cognitive deficits, but we were plugging along. A knock on the door, and I saw young Dr. McDreamy (not his real name, but it might as well be. Another pt. stated that if he got any closer to her, she was going to reach up and give him "a great big kiss!"). I said to my pt, "ok, let's take a break so you can talk to your doctor," and he interrupts me, saying- "No, no, you keep going! You're doing the important work! I'll come back later." I was flabbergasted... this is not how the therapist-doctor-patient relationship usually works. Made me feel pretty awesome and just added another checkmark to my opinion of Dr. McDreamy.

Semi-unrelated, but people should consider asking hospital employees for opinions of physicians when making choices. We see the doctors more often than patients usually do, and see how they treat multiple people. We know which surgeons are good at which surgeries, which ones have had multiple revisions, how they treat their patients. Something to think about when choosing your next physician.

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