Kennedy Center Show

LGT a recent show at the Kennedy Center on disability. Seems like it would have been cool to go to, had I 1) known about it and 2) not been working all day Saturday. Ironically, the review was buried in the depths of the Washington Post site, which certainly won't help it draw attention. More thoughts at a later date, as I am behind in my work for the girl scouts...

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Melody said...

Hello there!

Just wondering about two things outs of curiosity. 1. do you work in a school based/clinic/hospital setting? and 2. How do you feel working with children when you have child/ren of your own?
I'm considering either peds or acute physical when I'm graduating but Im planning a family as well and my mum rechons working with adults would be more of a relief.
Whats it like for you.

PS do you teach sign language?