The long week is over...

It's been a long week, but it is finally over. And, thanks to a 5-hour day today, I am actually caught up on *everything*! All the minutes for Monday are done, and suggestions for treatments left for my coworker. Emails have been answered. All the weekly notes, all the COTA cosigning... DONE. Couldn't bring myself to do it yesterday at 430 since I was so tired, but it is all actually done now. I still have a few things to do this weekend- particularly, writing up treatment goals relevant to the Alert Program- and I will have a few calls to make on Monday, but work is remarkably on target right now.

I'm feeling some peace with finishing everything today. I know that I won't be caught up for long, but it is a good feeling nonetheless. Perhaps I'm getting better at leaving work behind. I follow a job advice columnist from the Washington Post, and her latest entry is relevant to that feeling when I was getting so overwhelmed at work. Do your best while you're there, and don't worry about it when you've left it behind. There will be days when we won't get enough minutes for patients to meet their RUG levels, or all the evals don't get done, or a paper is left unfinished, but it will be OK anyway. Have yourself a peaceful easy feeling about the coming work week.

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