Merging back in...

I am still alive...
Vacation was wonderful. Things that are tough: 1. trying to merge back into work after vacation 2. being shorthanded this week due to others' vacations 3. trying to leave work early each night so that I can drive 30 minutes to instruct 2 year olds in vacation Bible school. So, I've been getting home at 9 and quite tired all week.

A few quick positives from the week:
  • My new peds schedule does let me leave on time, a joy not felt for many months.
  • Our SNF and acute floors are discharging several patients this week
  • My six 2 y.o.'s are learning sign language and social behaviors!
  • A member of a community organization (not sure if I can name it or not) stopped by ask what pediatric equipment we wanted for our outpatient clinic so that they could donate it. (AWESOME!!)
  • After the false starts with younger children and the Alert Program, I have two older kids who I will be trying this approach with over the summer. One is an 11 y.o. girl with a lot of anxiety-related oral stimulation behaviors, and the other is a 13 y.o. boy with Asperger's and some difficulties with sensory regulation.
More updates as I get life back together :)

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