OTNotes Greatest Hits Volume I: 2008-2012

As part of my blogiversary, I wanted to celebrate entries that have gotten lots of views, lots of comments, or that I felt were particularly good writing. I've tried to group these thematically to make for best reading. If there is an entry that you remember and isn't listed, or something you wanted to say about one of the pieces listed, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Entries for Students - I started this blog originally to help people in OT school, so it should be no surprise that I have lots of popular entries for students.

Writing goals -I need to update this since my approach has changed somewhat since I wrote it
Case example with goals - This is an acute care joint replacement case
NBCOT study tips -please take note: this was written several years ago, has no info on simulation questions, and I cannot legally update it until 2014.
giving an inservice - should help you pick a topic and some basic presenting tips
searching for an OT job - short plug here, I have gotten 3 jobs from AOTA's OTJoblink. Consider it.
interviewing tips 
the importance of asking questions

Acute Care - How many hours have I spent in the hospital? A lot. Sometimes people in this area are very reductionist, but there is a lot to learn and improve upon if you're an OT in acute care.
How to compile a relevant past medical history
prioritizing evaluations - a few different methods
Acute Care Tips and Tricks - some essential tips learned after many years
who gets to go home? - 3 short case studies of "similar" people who all discharged to different locations
Adventures in serial casting - this is a review of the research surrounding serial casting efficacy
Patterns - a couple of patterns observed in admissions based on weather and other external factors

Pediatric- I'm still getting my sea legs in the land of peds, but here are a couple of good entries. As I start to feel more confident, there will probably be an uptick in this category
Mat Man  -maybe my favorite photo entry
infant toddler trauma awareness  -a lot of really good information on trauma training
starting in Early Intervention: assessment -how I picked my EI assessment

Energy Conservation- this is a fondness of mine. At one point I had a whole EC series planned... may still do something along those lines sometime.
energy conservation in the summer
energy conservation for holidays

Professional Issues- Various issues that I think are relevant to the profession in an overarching way
collaboration with Girl Scouts - I really want to see a greater connection between OTs and Girl Scouts
Malcolm Gladwell thoughts - remember when Malcolm Gladwell's books were really popular? here are some of his ideas applied to OT
OT twitter chat - some advice on getting started in twitter chat, which I would definitely encourage. Check out #OTalk2US if you haven't yet
thoughts on a Glee episode -the OT connections mirror version of this got picked up by AOTA's 1 minute update and really exploded. People were very opinionated over this issue, or just the show.

Personal Issues: glimpses of my more inner life
struggling to be an ot for family
reading without getting carsick -there really should be more information online about how to accomplish this
unanticipated blessings related to presenting at conference

Uncategorized- some of the randomness that is truly me
chicken dance - a little inspirational story that showcases my favorite strategy- make a fool out of yourself.
OT quotes -these are not quotes from OTs, but more meant to be generally inspirational. I should have renamed this or actually found real OT quotes, but it is what it is.
podcast with AOTA presenter -I did my very first podcast!
aquatic exercises -specific treatments for aerobic pool exercises. I now do several of these myself since I am doing prenatal water exercises
metacognitive analysis- how I approach puzzles

I think this is a pretty good list and definitely shows that I have some seriously diverse interests that I've been writing about the past five years. I think that I will probably make this an annual event, and reflect back on the best posts of the year. 

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