Update on Reading Without Getting Sick

After ~2 months of efforts, I have reached my conclusions on reading on the metro train without getting carsick.

I have found that a combination of strategies allows me to read almost nonstop while on the metro.
- Choosing a front facing seat: I will take back facing seats over sideways facing... if forced into sideways seats, I turn so that I am taking up more space and oriented toward the front.
- Front Car: I try to get a seat near the front of the overall train. There isn't a big difference between car 1-2 or 2-3 but there is a major difference between front most and rear most in amount of sway.
- Don't touch anything: I avoid contact w/ the walls of the train, since they vibrate.
- Eliminate degrees of freedom: I hold the book close to me, pinning down one page w/ both hands if necessary.
- Periodic rest breaks: If I feel the train going into a turn, shaking extra, or going faster than normal, I close my eyes. I had been looking up away from the book, but closing my eyes forces me to feel when the situation has calmed down.
- Accupressure: I couldn't find my sea-bands, but when I went to the store, I remembered what i didn't like about them. The elastic does have give, and the little pressure balls can cut too tightly. However, I found psi bands, which are doubly adjustable both at the wristband and at the dial. Pretty cool, hopefully the plastic won't break.

And there you have it! I've been knocking out important articles and texts with ease.

1. I am not a doctor and cannot advise you on best remedies for your individual situation... go get a checkup.
2. I am not going to try these remedies while in the car. I think that cars are too bouncy, and given to too many directional shifts in both left-right and up-down (at least where I am from). It's enough for me to just not get carsick in the car, I won't be pushing it there.
3. There is one known remedy for motion sickness that I have not tried, which is eating ginger. It's not feasible for me to do that nonstop for 2 hours everyday and I hate gum of any kind more than any non-SPD person could possibly understand.

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