#10minTues - things pregnant therapists say

Yes, I am aware it's not Tuesday... but since that's one of my working days and I have been busting it to catch up on all the paperwork, blogging on that day is not so easy. In the style of the "s--- (fill in the blank) people say," here's some things that I think are unique to pregnant therapists. Not all said by me, but all have been overheard in my different places of employ.

- "I can't find my ASIS anymore!"

- "I'm going to take this reacher home... maybe the sock aid too"

- "You're getting really lordotic" (truthfully, I'm pretty lordotic to start with, but since I got a larger curve my back has actually felt better)

- "I haven't been reading What to Expect, but I got out my neurodevelopment notes and have been following along that way"

- "Can you bring Miss Cheryl that (stool/cube/ball) to sit on while you play on the floor?"

- "It's much easier to put TED hose on yourself than someone else"

- "Is that toy really developmentally appropriate?"

- "Sorry, Miss Cheryl can't (hang like a monkey/pick you up/crawl through the tunnel) today"

- "Which of these is the most ergonomic baby carrier?"

- "No, I don't think we need a Bumbo seat"

- "Let's go use the ICU ultrasound and look at the baby" (not me!)

- "I just need a minute to put my SI back in and then I can help you"

- "This scrub top used to have a lot more room in it..."

Anyone else have any funnies related to pregnancy and therapy or healthcare?


Cheryl said...

I forgot this one: "honey, can you do some retrograde massage to my ankles?"

Cheryl said...

and also... "If anyone needs me, I'll be taking a nap on that plinth"