Energy Crisis

Made it back from Florida alive... my husband caught a lot of stuff while we were down there and I am still dealing with some sinus stuffiness and feel like my ears are all plugged up. Between taking care of him and working an exceptionally long Tuesday, whatever brain cells made it back from vacation have been more than occupied. I have some major things to write about, but have not been formulating sentences very well. (true example: "we am canceling my membership") For someone who is internally outraged when there's confusion over your/you're or their/there/they're, it's been more than a bit frustrating. I will update soon, once this mental problem is resolved and the pile of Sensory Profiles is graded. I did at least 1 intelligent thing yesterday though... saw in the nurses notes that a man who had a knee replacement and had later had some cardiac issues had a bad night and asked the COTA not to see him that morning... he wound up in the ICU later that day. Yikes, but at least we didn't push him into it.

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