OT WebGems- Manipulate the Brain Edition

I love brain stuff. Here's a few pieces on how that great organ works and changes, also a couple of behavioral modification pieces thrown in.

Starting off, research shows that even mild concussions can have effects years into the future, which has got to be troublesome news to anyone involved in contact sports. Go go helmet developers!

An fMRI study looked at how older and younger individuals processed negative images, and the researchers concluded that the older women were able to cope with these problems better. So hopefully one can become less stressed over time, that's what I'm hoping for anyway.

This piece has been floating around my bookmarks page for a long time (note that the subtitle discusses the election season) but it's an interesting look at irrational behavior and why humans take offense.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins found that controlled doses of carbon monoxide can prevent damage after a stroke, which makes sense after hearing about it, but who is smart enough to think this up ahead of time? Still seems to have a short window to operate, but I love seeing the new advances.

On another stroke note, here are some of the gender differences in care before and after CVA.

This was an interesting study involving deep brain stimulation in patients w/ Parkinsons, which I found fascinating.

Behavior modification is always useful, not least when used on ourselves. This article discusses how the fear of being labeled a hypocrite will lead people to make lifestyle changes. This ADVANCE piece discusses the benefit of actually accomplishing things even when they're hard. And this is a more detailed piece, also from ADVANCE about learning emotional awareness and control.

That's it for today, as my brain is currently hoping for no micro-trauma from roller-coaster riding!

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healthskills said...

As as postconcussion recoverer, I'm glad to see your wee post about the long-standing effects of concussion on people. It's two years now since I bumped my head, and after 15 months of slowly returning to full time work, and the remainder coping with the ongoing effects of fatigue and chronic daily postconcussional headache, all I can say is - don't do it!!
I bumped my head on the door frame of our 4 wheel drive RV. It was such a silly accident, and so easy to do. I wasn't drinking, I wasn't playing contact sport, I wasn't even riding a bicycle! I simply got into the vehicle too fast and while I pushed myself up onto the seat (I'm not tall, OK?!!) I pushed too far and THWACK! ouch! and it went on from there.
Thankfully I've had wonderful support from my colleagues, the neuropsychologist, neuropsychiatrist and initially, occupational therapist. Without constant reminders that people DO get better, and that I CAN cope, I'd have been in deep despair!
I loved the rest of your links too - thanks!