Shoe Tying

I saw this "Rubes" cartoon and had to laugh considering the amount of time that I have spent working on other people's shoe tying skills. My little boy with dyspraxia continues to struggle... I don't even attempt it every week since I don't want breakdowns every week. I have been to this site on shoe tying, but continue to struggle. I have tried the 2 loops method, the 1 loop wrap method, and have tried teaching an alternate way to make loops (weave lace under index finger, over middle finger, under ring finger and then squeeze ring and index finger together). I also routinely do knots using wikki stix with 2 differently colored stix, but this doesn't always transfer to laces.

It's a struggle. I love the new Sketchers shoes that have the elastic laces and just slip on- little miss S has those and some velcro mary janes and I think they both rock. She has autism and is always super well dressed, but part of that is because they don't have to worry about laces.

Anybody have an absolutely FREE method for shoe tying that works?

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