Touching Moments

Every now and then a pt. says something so cute, personal, or touching that it just tugs at the heartstrings... here are a few.

I have a pt. now who has Parkinson's Disease. She has a 3 story house with the only bathroom on the third floor. Her husband of 57 years carries the BSC up and down the stairs every morning and night for her.

A 12 y.o. w/ Osteogenesis Imperfecta is receiving PT. He had a recent fracture and told his PT, "I was doing so good... I made it all summer without breaking anything!"

In a family meeting, an elderly man's children were trying to get him to adopt some safety measures, including not going up and down the steps. He likes to meet his Meals on Wheels deliverers at their car, and when it was suggested that they could bring the meals in, he said, "but some of them are in bad shape!" He also likes to use the steps to sit outside and feed his squirrels, which he has been doing daily for 45 years. When his family tried to say that they only wanted to make changes that would be helpful for him, he said, "how can I trust that you'll do that when none of you even feed my squirrels? They watch me eat breakfast by sitting on the skylight and will eat out of the palm of my hand, and none of you even put a tray out for them!" This man has such a deep affection for his woodland friends, even used to feed them with his now-deceased wife. It was really touching, but sad since he was obviously upset about the care the squirrels had received. He went home last week, so hopefully things worked out well for him.

In other news, I have had 3 work related dreams in the last week... not cool. Don't need to carry the stress home.

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