Some Online Therapy Toys Shops

Do you have any money left in your budget as the year comes to a close? Here's some places you can throw it! Not an all-inclusive list, but this could certainly help fill your clinic or playroom while stimulating the economy.

SPD Foundation has now opened a store where you can find different sensory products. The fine motor and social sections are rather bare, but the store is new so I imagine they will grow in the coming days. They also have free shipping on orders over $50 until 12/31/08.

Fun and Function is a store owned by an OT trying to provide affordable pediatric therapy toys. They have an "
exclusive line of scooters and portable writing kits" which look pretty cool. The site is very well organized and has a lot of tools for social skills under the "resources" section. And if you like the clock timers that show the disappearing time... check out the wristwtach.

Pocket Full of Therapy has been around longer and is also OT owned. They have a good selection and there's not a lot of repeats between their categories. I can't link to specific items, but there's a lot of books that I'll be considering when I (hopefully) have fresh continuing ed money. There are also hidden holiday word scrambles that can earn you an extra gift at checkout.

Hammacher Schlemmer claims to 'offer the best, the only, and the unexpected.' I love this tilt board with modes to match sound/color/number, remember a sequence, or make a freestyle song. Cheaper than a WiiFit! I also like the Hide 'N Seek Monkey, and the ever-so-cute Constellation Turtle.

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