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Title link goes to a recent Advance article on SNF productivity which is very aptly timed for me. I haven't gotten any feedback from other SNF therapists, but I know that we are getting a lot of urging to maximize therapy minutes for all patients. As I've said before, we get a lot of medically compromised pts and are responsible for all SNF pts, all acute care pts, and an outpatient caseload with not very many OTs to share this burden. Our inpatient therapists are expected to by 70% productive for SNF and acute floors, and outpatient is expected to be 90% productive. With my days split between 2 buildings, that is not often a reality for me, which puts pressure on my boss, but she has been pretty understanding of the situation.

I suspect that as long as health care is dependent upon the payors that there will be a push for high productivity and high billing. I don't expect a radical change in health care any time soon, despite the campaign talk, as we have a whole host of other problems going on.

Feedback definitely wanted from SNF therapists:
- Do you have productivity standards? Is there a strict expectation to meet them?
- What levels are your patients meeting? Is there a push for more minutes?
- What fun things are you doing? How are you getting your pts interested in completing high levels of therapy?

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I know this is not exactly what you were asking, but maybe it will get you thinking about other issues. I have spent very little time in SNFs, but I have made a significant career change that has given me a new perspective and greater freedom than most therapists to look at the whole person, particularly regarding spirituality. A lot of people are uncomfortable in that realm, but our talk of treating the whole person is just talk if we turn a blind eye to the primary motivating factor for many of our patients - their beliefs. I am headed to the mission field and I am excited about the opportunities ahead of me. If you have any interest in what I have written check out my blog: mtwbulgaria.blogspot.com