Merry File Sharing Day!

So I finally took my memory key to work and got my files off of there. Browse as you wish, I only ask that you do not plagiarize or submit works as your own, but feel free to print for patients. Burst ahead for file-sharing goodness!

OK... so apparently, you cannot upload text files or pdfs to OT Connections. Therefore, it cannot be the prime sharing source. Please let me know if the google documents do not show up correctly and I will email the item to you.

Homemade Adaptive Equipment- instructions for making sock aid, dressing stick, and long sponge in English and Spanish. I ran it through a translator, please don't blame me for the grammar. Speaking of long handled sponges & shoehorns, I always send people to the drugstore or dollar store for these items.

Potential Friends Worksheet
- I made up this simple sheet for a child w/ Asperger's who was really upset about not being able to make friends. He liked to plan things out, so we tried breaking down introductory conversations step by step, and then practiced one of these with a PT on break.

Heavy Work Handout- Here's a handout on different heavy work activities, it's mostly for parents but does have a few ideas for classrooms. I did borrow and compile from different sensory resources, the main 2 are referenced.

Yoga Exercises for your Back- I copied and pasted out selected yoga exercises that work on back muscles, unfortunately, I cannot remember the source site.

Tips to Decrease Back Pain (for children)- Here are some child-specific strategies to reduce back pain.

UE AROM handout- goes through basic arm stretches in layman's terms.

I have a hip precautions handout, but only in pdf... I'll have to copy it into word format before sharing.

As an extra bonus for those of you who have read so far down the page, I will tell you that I found ALL of my files from school on this magical memory key, and will share them as quickly as I can, but it will be difficult as I am probably busier this time of year more than any other. There's some great stuff, and one early post will have to be on old-school homemade AE. For other great pediatric handouts, try Super Duper Publications and of course AOTA has great consumer tip sheets.

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