OT Connections

So I am on OT Connections now (Title links to the homepage). I uploaded a new picture for that avatar, so I will probably change this one to match. Obviously my wedding photo wasn't very OT-related, but I really don't have pictures of me doing OT-things. Someone should have been taking pictures in class, but even when our school did publicity photos of "OT class" they were always very staged.

Can't promise how much time I will spend on there, but hopefully some good networking and information sharing will come about. I haven't tested the file upload yet, but if it works well I will throw over Google Documents and share things over that network.

My inservice went well today, shared some updates about opening our state practice act and the changes that are intended... tried to bug my colleagues into joining our state association. It actually costs less than dinner for 2 most places, so for OTs who make 5 figures, it doesn't really seem like a big sacrifice. We'll see if my 'prodding' had any result. Also at work today, I got some sensory profiles graded and papers filed away (Coworker: "I can actually see the formica on your desk! There is a desk there!") AND I took my thumb drive and copied all my files, so hopefully I can spend a little time this weekend sharing some of the things I've been working on.

Also on the list of things to do is to make a handout for simple modifications to make a home w/c accessible, since I have my first amputee since fieldwork and this will likely be her discharge disposition. I have ample resources, I just need to combine them efficiently in handout form.

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