OT Web Gems- Research Edition

Ok, update first. I have not been intending to neglect the blog of late, especially when Karen was nice enough to include me in her OT Practice article. However, I have had a few complications this week. One, I am procrastinating preparing for my inservice (11/21) and have been trying to do that before doing fun things. Two, I am having a lot of shoulder impingement problems and while I don't know what is causing them, I know the computer isn't making it better, so I've been online less. Anyway, I have several entries half-started and other ideas brewing, so there will be updates once I get my life in line.

On to the web gems!

OT Student Survey on working with adults with developmental disabilities. I can't remember if I posted this already or not, but I'm guessing that since it's in my inbox that I have not. Oops.

Kessler Rehab Research- this site will make it to my sidebar when I next update that. Research on SCI, CVA, TBI

NIH Clinical Trials- can't really remember why I bookmarked this, as I don't deal in pharmaceuticals, but it may be relevant to those in research

StrokEngine- love it! lots of good categorized info on the latest CVA research. Another to be added to the toolbar

MOHO Clearinghouse- an alert reader on one of the AOTA listservs (holiday time is a great time to renew your membership- new practitioners get 2 years reduced rates!) pointed this site out. Has some good free MOHO based stuff, as well as some research links and products you can buy. I intend to use the play inventories with some of my older kids when I have time to print them out.

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