Parental Ratings

There are times when I really worry about the choices parents make and how they affect their children. Usually, this is associated in my mind with parents dragging sick kids to therapy, or skipping therapy, or over-therapying. But this time, I got to witness some parental slack outside of the therapist-client relationship for a change. I was at the movies today, watching The Dark Knight. This movie is rated PG-13 (though I really don't know how it escaped an R rating). In case you are living under a rock, this is not your grandpa's Batman, and this is a very intense movie (for proof, see the nail marks on my husband's arm). I would hate to give any part of the movie away, but even in the previews, you can see that there are hostage situations, often with one person holding a weapon in the face of an innocent. Harsh. Brutal. Violent. Intense.

During a particularly graphic scene, my attention was diverted by the people in front of me, who exited briefly and returned. A mother, escorting her two children, ages 5-7. Seriously. These children will be like my peers who saw IT when they were little and still live in fear of clowns. Please... be the parent and let your kids act their age.

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