Busy times

Been pretty busy recently and only going to get moreso... GS evening camp is next week. I'll have to try to eat work early, wolf down dinner, and put on my happy face til 9pm. This is, of course, if I can get prepared. I have to spend this week making a sample of all the crafts, since it will take me that long to produce a decent craft. My fine motor is lacking... maybe I should have gone the PT route, though my gross motor skills aren't the best at other times. :-/

My favorite stroke pt, Mrs K, is now on the fast track to go to acute rehab from our SNF floor. I will miss her a lot, and really regret that my peds/acute care schedule has kept me from working with her more. I hope that her OTs and PTs at rehab can help her motivate and rehabilitate. (that should be a slogan!)

I have gotten the go-ahead to turn my handout on preventing occupational deprivation into a newspaper article, just need to add a summary paragraph.

Saw 9 kids yesterday w/ 1 no show. It was good to see my coworkers' kids last week to get a good reminder of typical development. I always rejoice in the minor progresses that the kids make, but it's nice to remember what we're shooting for. I need to get a better grasp of development, but not in the way that everyone suggests (Having kids!).

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