Always wear your helmet

Title link goes to a Washington Post article on wearing different helmets for different activities. I'm a big fan of helmet promotion and our SOTA had a really fun collaboration with a Harley store to do a bicycle rodeo every year. The store did all the promo work to get kids to come and learn bike safety, and we got to tag along as volunteers and promote OT as well. Anyone else do creative things for helmet promotion?

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Karen said...

Hey Cheryl...I found your blog on Aishel's OT blog...I am in a hurry but I skimmed quite a few posts and enjoyed them a lot. I'll link to your blog within a day or two. Mine is at otstudents.blogspot.com. Will you e-mail or comment or write more about yourself, demographic wise? Like I'm 25 years old, in the Mid-South, and in my second year of school..almost done except for the 9 months of fieldwork.

Glad to meet you!