The Cruelest Month

I haven't gone through the official new month process of crossing off the old month with sharpie, so I am still writing about April. I have survived April, and will definitely keep in mind the terrible tricks that this month specializes in regarding the pediatric population. Namely, that everyone needs a letter. At least 5 out of my six 3 year olds are applying to a special needs preschool. Fortunately, I have sensory profile writeups from all of those, but I do feel compelled to write at least a 1 page cover letter to give a little more context. (I am currently procrastinating on one of these right now, which I must finish and fax tomorrow). In addition, there have been annual MD appointments, IEP meetings- it has been a little exhausting, and I don't even have that many patients! I've been looking forward to summer so that I can do some fun things away from work, but with the full weight of the peds caseload, I am now a little worried about the coming summer. It could actually mean a large enough influx of new/returning patients to double my caseload, possibly pushing it to 30 kids. Jeez.

I have had some sad discharges lately. Mrs U was a sweet older lady who had survived an aggressive breast cancer and mastectomy some years earlier, only to have it recur in the same location. She was an enjoyable patient, friendly and motivated. For reasons unknown to me, her family decided to admit her to our TCU and have her restart radiation therapy. I watched her go downhill daily over the course of 3 weeks. Finally, she stood up to the family and asked to end radiation treatment. She went to her daughter's home with hospice care, but left before I said goodbye. I really enjoyed getting to know her, and I hope that she has some peace.

We also graduated another cancer patient who was a treat to work with. Mrs V was the life of our floor. She wanted to participate in every group activity, and compelled the therapists to have more than usual. She made us homemade spaghetti and meatballs. One of the PTAs threw her a party for her 50th anniversary. I saw her at the outpatient center yesterday and I hope that she continues to have a good recovery.

Little Mr W is also on the countdown to graduation. His mother was glowing yesterday... she is certain that he aced his interview for the special needs preschool, and thus will qualify for free school services and get some of the extra socialization and attention that he needs. He is such a little ray of sunshine that I will really miss seeing him each week.

Spring is a time for new beginnings... I just have to get through the endings first.

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