AOTA update

Skills for the Job of Living has become... Living Life to its Fullest! Despite my exclamation mark, I'm not sure how excited I really am about this development. The sample ad in OT Practice is nice enough, but I don't know that this slogan on its own will really help define OT to consumers. Plus it contains a problematic pronoun plural which is very often misspelled, so I worry about the credibility as this passes into the hands of the general OT public. Of course, if it isn't marketed correctly and heavily enough, none of that will matter anyway.

I'm probably being hard on the "new brand" due to my disappointment in another realm. I was fairly certain that next year's conference was going to be back in DC, just a stone's throw from my current locale. I had already planned to reunite with classmates, enjoy the conference, grab all my CE's needed, etc. But the 2009 conference has been announced... for Houston, TX! Far away and out of reach for me, I believe.

Perhaps this is secretly an unexpected good development. Perhaps my research project that tortured me for so long will be invited to a conference elsewhere, and that would be fun too.

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