OT Web Gems- yet another random edition

OT Web Gems is back! (because I'm aimless and have collected a lot of links!) Some of the absolutely random things (with emphasis on a few blogs) that have caught my eye recently.

-CPR performed by those with physical disabilities- yes, it is possible, I'm glad that the author posted it as there seems to be a dearth of info on the topic. I've just found the blog through twitter and will be following her posts with interest- she's an OT, you should too!

-Fidget toys explained- I have been following this blog with interest for some time now and really respect that the author is prolific not just in blogging but also on wikis, really helping to get the word out about OT related issues. I'm a little bummed because I've had a script and everything ready to make a video on fidget toys for 2 years or more and just kept putting it off- scooped again! Oh well, I may still make it anyway, and this is definitely another OT blog you should be following.

-TherExtras- another blog I have only recently discovered with lots of interesting topics, author is an OT/PT/PhD

-World OT Day Poster- Mark your calendar: OT Wikiflash October 25-29

-What's happening in Obama's brain? -an interesting little piece which I find more interesting due to my current neuro-related reading, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to our Brains. I won't start talking about that now, but it's been an exciting little spur to my curiosity and knowledge quest.

-Motor Skills Games- a good resource if you need some fresh ideas, gross and fine motor included

-"Socially Awkward Like Me" -I really identified with this blog post that I found through someone else's twitter feed, discussing how she sees shades of her own behaviors in her autistic child's behaviors

-Backpack tips from PTs- Is it wrong that I feel that PTs are horning in on Backpack Day? I've been feeling under attack lately anyway and this just frosted my cookies in all the wrong ways. This was also featured in the WaPo, with no comment on the OT event. :(

-Tots-n-Tech- I stumbled across this newsletter and thought it was very well written with good ideas. Some great, simple, kid-friendly AE included. I will have to be following them in the future as well.


Chris said...

Hey Cheryl - just stopping in to say hi. I'm in a posting rut - too much stuff going on with work and so forth to get it written down lately.

Do you happen to know what happened to the otblogs.org site? I liked that aggregator except that it started getting taken over by recruiter types. I may have to actually put my own aggregator together now.. ugh. Are you aware of another good one out there?

Anyway, hope you are well. I am doing intro remarks and interviews probably at the student conclave (again) but it is in KY this year. You wouldn't be making the trip there, would you? Take care..


Cheryl said...

Thanks for the note- I'm in a bit of an online rut as well though other life is dynamic at the moment. I wasn't aware that otblogs self destructed... I thought that it was a student project so it's possible the contract for the domain expired and was never renewed.

I can't make it to KY unfortunately, I would love to be part of the student experience but that kind of travel is out of the option at the moment.