Bye bye July

So July should probably just be labeled the month that got out of control.
I had an additional 5 days off on top of regular weekends, (I did work a holiday) and had lots of days switched from normal schedule. It makes for an interesting new rotation when life is all topsy-turvy. I'm not sure that my coworkers would say the same, but don't worry buds I'll be back with a vengeance in August.

So I switched to neuro coming off my vacation, had some personal issues come up mid-month and then capped off by entertaining friends last week. In addition to trying to make some changes in my personal life and reading extra novels, that has made less time to update on here. (sidenote- I read The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde and am completely hooked on the Thursday Next novels) But there's been plenty of interesting happenings. Neuro is always a challenging rotation since the deficits can be minute or mind-blowing and you truly have to fight to get your patients into the right rehab setting on discharge. I have been trying to improve my skills in evaluating visual deficits and splint fabrication. I finally made a hand cone without getting the orthoplast stuck on the plastic cone, which was a victory in itself.

I return to work tomorrow after several days off which were much needed. My caseload has been taking a turn for the worst lately. A patient that had been improving coded and recoded. Several are hanging in limbo- stable but not improving. My strongest candidate for acute rehab wound up getting a femoral line placed and landing on bedrest. I regretfully had to recommend inpatient rehab for a young lady due to safety concerns. I've spent a lot of energy fighting for TBI rehab for a patient only to have the family refuse. I've had a patient that has made me terribly homesick and I know that she is going to be one of the people whose life sticks with me for a long time (shout out to MM and all my peds) so I've been very emotional over her case. We have many very very sick people on the unit right now so it has been a bit depressing.

Upcoming Entries (if any of these interest you, please comment and I'll try to move it along quicker)
- Adventures in Serial Casting
- Failures in being an OT for the family
- A case study for a patient with multiple CVAs

I hope to have some more good case studies in the near future, but people need to start improving. Any well wishes much appreciated.


Tanya Feddern-Bekcan said...

Please write about this topic next: "Failures in being an OT for the family."

Cheryl said...

I will work on it, but it will need an extra dose of sunshine & sugar to keep it from sounding like Debbie Downer and Ms Know-It-All wrote it :)