Just breathe

I'm in a little bit of a rut right now, with an associated (OT related) writers' and readers' block. I'm working on a couple of entries, but it's moving slowly. I usually never have an unread OT Practice for longer than a day, given my 2 hour commute is so conducive to reading, but I now have 2 piled up along with the latest 2 AJOTs. My google reader list has been perpetually overflowing for months now, causing me to unsubscribe to several items just to decrease the counts. I know we all get behind on that stuff, and that I used to get much more behind on it when I didn't have scheduled reading time. But I'm in a little bit of a funk right now, so patience is requested and encouragement would be appreciated. :)


Tanya Feddern-Bekcan said...

You can do it, Cheryl! Read what you love, write what you love, and that funk will fade away... I've been easing back into the OT profession, and yours is one of several blogs I read that remind me why I love this profession. Keep up the good work!

kaahu said...

Hi Cheryl -- I've been reading your blog since my own father had a stroke many months ago -- it played into my decision to go toward OT. Thank you so much for putting in the time to do this. Something that might help -- for us newbies who are seeking volunteer hours pre-masters (mind you, without a OT bachelors or an OTA) would you have any suggestions on how to find an OT who will be willing to grant some volunteer time (i suspect sheer luck plays are large part ... also a great resume...) anything else?
Thanks for your in-depth posts, you do a wonderful job.