Notes from Friday

I'm Attending! Friday was VERY busy
I think my longest break between everything was built at 30 minutes... one presentation ended early so I wound up with 45 minutes at one point. Chatting with several different people, most of whom I did not know. Had a good conversation about the evolution of the Slagle lectureship with a 50+ year member, which will get written up eventually. Had a good SIS discussion on issues with oncology and a great NICU course.

On today's slate is either a course on acute management of TBI/SCI or a discussion on the AOTA guidelines for CVA/TBI care which are unfortunately opposite one another. Also of course is the address from incoming president Florence Clark. Trying to decide whether to go to the business meeting... I am anti-meeting in general (and this is run in parli-pro style so even more dry than a staff meeting) but they have occasionally been lively with debate. Unsure if they will ratify RA decisions during the meeting. I heard Thursday from multiple reliable sources that the suggestions from the Participation Ad Hoc committee did not pass in whole, though the COOL and other options for increasing leadership will still proceed. A new committee has been formed to deal with restructure of the organization. Some people are obviously happy about this decision, I saw RA members and several folks I recognize from message boards discussing this happily, but there's still a long road to hoe in increasing participation, and I hope someone in the RA is sitting on some good ideas at how to make it work. More on all that later, got to get out the door.

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