Thoughts from Thursday

I'm Attending! Not only am I attending, I'm here!
Here's some of the cool things that happened on Thursday...
One of the fun parts of conference is that you can meet people I call your "OT heroes," people that you have read about or heard of that are fairly famous in the OT world. Yesterday I ran into Chuck Willmarth and Tim Nanof from AOTA, Paul Fontana of industrial rehab and lately elected to AOTA position, The editor from OT Practice whose name has unfortunately slipped my brain, Ingrid Kanics of play center fame, and Salvador Bondoc and the other leaders of my PDSIS. And of course, Frank Gainer was ever-present, I always consider him the conference guru because any time I've ever had a question during conference, I could find him and he would have the answer.

Went to some interesting sessions yesterday and got some good pictures from wandering around and also during opening ceremonies. Opening was awesome, with the floor literally bouncing up and down as people danced in the aisles. Seated next to me was a woman from the Netherlands, who was astounded at all the action and the great turnout. I have some videos of different parts of the opening fol-de-rol and also took a fairly good video of Joan Rogers (sp?) receiving the Wilma West Award from AOTA & AOTF. Hopeful to get that up for viewing soon, just need a slightly more stable internet connection.

Got to get going now- have a workshop on the NICU, SIS roundtable to discuss outpatient oncologic rehab, and some other cool things in the afternoon which have slipped my mind.

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