Almost Over

I'm Attending!Our conference time is almost at an end...
Saturday was a long day, but still had some highlights. I got some good videos and pictures, which will all be uploaded to the OT Connections Conference Gallery either at the airport or Monday after I get home. So if you're not already on OT Connections... get there! I have been talking especially to acute care practitioners at conference trying to get them involved w/ OTC because I feel that we are very isolated in our practice and need to connect so we can determine what is best practice and what is just "facility tradition." It's hard after conference to maintain the same energy and excitement, and I feel that using OTC can help keep that feeling alive longer in the face of everyday work.

Time to go to my last workshop... these Sunday sessions are hard to get motivated for since all the fun and most of the people have gone. Then the exciting time of 6 hours at the airport!


Andy Levy said...

Cheryl, I went to the conference and I too feel very isolated in the acute care setting. I'm new to the setting after having worked in a SNF for the first 9 years of my career and would love to network with other OT's who feel likewise. I, for one, will make an effort to check out OTC.

Cheryl said...

Great to hear Andy, I will look for you there