End of year wrap up

Things have been pretty crazy lately. Here are some recent and end-of-year reflections, semi-structured, semi-sensible.

I should begin with an apology. I have been terribly behind and under-participatory in the online realm since October. I attribute this in part to an over-focus on getting my conference presentation ready. I am a terrible procrastinator and felt that I had to restrict my access to other endeavors to ensure that it would get done. After that, getting back on the horse, over the various RSI, over the burnout and back into the swing became a mountain I couldn't climb. My google reader page is finally down to 0 unread items for the first time in months... sweet success. I have some good trips coming up- family time for Christmas and a Vegas vacation in January. My husband may be going to France in February... don't know if I can swing that one too. At any rate, it's good to have things to look forward to, it's helping me keep my mind out of the dingy early winter blahs that try to seep in.

The job change this year was a new experience that defined most of my year. I've never left a job before that wasn't already predetermined by the end of a semester. I could have handled a lot of things better, however I do feel that this was a good choice. There have been lots of good opportunities that opened up at this position. I've already gotten to work with people who had unique diagnoses, lots of people in more critical condition than I was used to, gotten to learn a lot. I've also gotten to eat LOTS of Greek and some Indian, some Egyptian food, which we do not have back home. Hummus is my new goto snack... I really don't think I've ever seen any in the grocery stores before. Also, there are franchises of many more different chains than I've had access to before. I get a little obsessed about the food sometimes.

I feel that the blog has grown well this year. I like getting feedback from readers and statcounter tells me that there have been more than 10,000 MORE page views than last year. So, THANKS!! I do occasionally look to statcounter for what people have searched for to get to the blog to get ideas, but if you have something you're curious about or want to see, dropping an email is more likely to get a response. I had hoped to do more entries and different topics, but inspiration is fickle. Room for improvement to be sure.

So life goes on and hopefully things will get a little more under control in the upcoming year, but I won't count on it. I'm working Christmas day and then off for over a week... couple weeks off until the Vegas trip. Happy new year everyone!

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